07. Nov, 2011

Leaving on a Jet Plane

Hong Kong

Well welcome back to my blog! I know I was terrible about posting blogs while in Georgia (and already off to a late start in China), but I really am going to make an effort to keep up with it while here in China. I’ve already realized how much I’ve forgotten about my Georgian adventures [...]

03. Apr, 2011

Quick and Easy Recipe- Chicken Patty Sandwich

This is by far the easiest and tastier recipe I’ve done in Georgia. Victor and I were looking for something fast and simple for dinner one night. He mentioned that he had seen frozen breaded chicken patties at the store downstairs when he was buying chicken fingers the week before. A pack of 12 chicken [...]

15. Mar, 2011

School is in Session

Finally my new school update! A bit overdue I know, but things have been crazy. In the past several weeks I have moved from literally one end of town to the other, with no thanks to TLG. I also began teaching at a new school and started a second teaching job. Whew! As I said, [...]

28. Feb, 2011

Cooking Experiment #1–Lobio

Welcome to my first cooking post! Today I plan on making a traditional Georgian bean dish called “Lobio.” I searched around on the internet and found several different recipes which include: Gumbo Pages’ Lobio Russian Cusine Lobio Food.com Lobio World Family Cookbook So I was really excited to try this recipe because I love lobio. [...]

27. Feb, 2011

The Current Situation

Due to not writing any blogs since my first week in Georgia, I’d figure an update on my current situation would be helpful. Well first off– I have renewed my contract to teach in Georgia until June of 2011. I really think I must have been crazy to do this, but it’s done. I was [...]

27. Feb, 2011

I’m Back!

Well I am back to writing my blog. I know it’s been quite a while–three or four months to tell the truth. I really did have the best intentions of keeping an amazing blog chronicling all my adventures as I travel the world, with my first stop in the Republic of Georgia. Obviously this didn’t [...]

13. Oct, 2010

Finally here!

Well now that I finally have time to write I can catch everyone up on what has been happening with me in Georgia. I flew out to Georgia starting on October 1. I flew from Orlando to Dulles; Dulles to Amsterdam; and then Amsterdam to Tbilisi. I apparently missed the big meeting up with people [...]

28. Sep, 2010

D-Day is Approaching!

Well D-Day (also known as Departure Day) is approaching. I leave for the Republic of Georgia in 2.5 days! Now that that news is out of the way, let me back up a bit. For those that may not know, I have decided to be an English teacher abroad. The first question I normally get [...]